[] Online [x] Fucking Niall

Anonymous whispered seductively: zayn isnt even that hot tho


lmao is this the bald guy from the wanted

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I can’t believe Jesus hatched from an Easter egg 2000 years ago

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Liam could be actually having a real emotional breakdown and some people are still managing to bash on him, y’all are so fucked it’s disgusting.

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Anonymous whispered seductively: What is liam going on about?


Idk he prolly drunk poor emotional bby

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(HQ - Please credit if you use) 5 Seconds of Summer in concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre, Michigan, America - 18 April 2014

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Niall + Football

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Then and now [muffled screaming]

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Guys they tweeted this months ago….

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5 Seconds Of Summer - Royal Oak, MI

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Happy easter! haha

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5 Seconds Of Summer in concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre - 18 April

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AU: Calum has a crush on you and the only time he can ever tell you he likes you is when he’s stoned off his ass, so Ashton tries to convince you otherwise. You know better than to believe Ashton from these experiences in the past so you’re not having it.

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